Atlantic Dairy Consulting is an independent production management service offered to dairy businesses in the Northeastern United States. Veterinary guidance coupled with precision nutritional design for highly efficient production leading to long term sustainable solutions for dairy producers and their cows.
Kojala Photos 001ROBERT C. FRY, DVM After graduating from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1977, Dr. Fry began a bovine veterinary practice on the Delmarva Peninsula. His career interest has always centered on production and health issues of dairy cows. In 1994, after many years of working in traditional dairy operations, he was convinced that a healthy alternative was to manage and feed cows with the principles of Managed Intensive Grazing. To that extent Dr. Fry has become a partner in a grazing, seasonal breeding Jersey herd in Kennedyville, Maryland. He continues to practice veterinary medicine and provides nutritional consulting services to dairy herds in the Northeast US.


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Owned and operated by Robert Fry & Judy Gifford is located on the scenic eastern shore of Maryland. Sustainability through environmental stewardship, community involvement and financial returns are supported by a herd of registered Jersey cows seasonally calved and intensively grazed from April through November. Milk is marketed through the, Land O’ Lakes cooperative where it is processed into cheese, butter, and non-fat milk powder and distributed globally. A management services company partnered by Robert Fry and Arama Kukutai providing management oversight and advisory services to Hawaii Dairy Farms, LLC. Hawaii Dairy Farms, a grass-fed dairy located on the island of Kauai. Based on the New Zealand pastoral dairy model that uses grass as the primary feed source, this dairy will bring together suppliers with best-in-class capabilities to create an operation that will infuse more local, fresh milk into Hawaii’s dairy supply. The building permit applications have been filed and construction is anticipated to start in 2014. An investment entity which is co-investing in the development of a pasture-based dairy farm multi-unit systems in Hawaii and the mainland United States. Its principals, Michael Mills, Arama Kukutai and Robert Fry collectively have extensive experience in dairy farming operations, investment and governance. ADI will combine leading edge technology from the US and New Zealand with world-class farm management to generate superior returns to its investors by satisfying growing global demand for sustainably produced dairy products.